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View Ad Mitchell & James, David James Count: 22 First Date: 1890-01-01 Last Date: 1890-12-15
DAVID JAMES, TINNER, GAS, WATER & STEAM FITTER. Agent for RUMSEY’S celebrated LIFT and FORCE PUMPS. Pumps Repaired On short notice. Orders from the country promptly responded to. Address, David James, Box 306. Salt Lake City.
View Ad R. K. Thomas Count: 2 First Date: 1890-01-01 Last Date: 1890-01-15
View Ad Teasdel's Count: 23 First Date: 1890-01-01 Last Date: 1890-12-15
Special to the Ladies. AT TEASDEL’S Will be found the latest styles and productions in LACES, RUCHES, EMBRODERIES, FANS, GLOVES, PARASOLS, RIBBONS, COLLARS, TIES, And an elegant assortment of DRY GOODS: Special department for Ladies’ Misses’ and In- fant’s Shoes. 112, 114, 116, 118 East Temple Street,
View Ad Union Pacific Count: 23 First Date: 1890-01-01 Last Date: 1890-12-15
View Ad R. K. Thomas Count: 21 First Date: 1890-02-01 Last Date: 1890-12-15
R. K. THOMAS 26, 28, 30. and 32 East 1st South St., SALT LAKE CITY. The Leading Retail Cash House. R.K.THOMAS
View Ad Salt Lake Herald Count: 3 First Date: 1890-02-15 Last Date: 1890-03-15
%5000.-- In Prizes GIVEN AWAY BY THE SALT LAKE HERALD, To SUBSCRIBERS OF THE SEMI-WEEKLY ISSUE, The Semi-Weekly Herald is now the largest, brightest and most enterprising paper published in Utah. It consists of 8 pages, and is shortly to be re-enlarged. The Herald publishes the most standard current stories by special arrangement with the authors; containing many illustrated features; has the exclusive rights to Bill Nye’s letters; maintains a regular telegraphic corres- pondent In Washington, and receives weekly letters from the celebrated correspondent Frank G. Carpenter. Special attention is paid to market reports and agri- cultural news; and a prominent feature will be made of religious news, the tabernacle services being regularly reported, while prominent sermons of the leading church authorities are given in full. In politics, The Herald stands as it has ever stood, the firm and un- deviating champion of the rights of the people of Utah. The Premium Distribution for 1890 Will be on a grander scale than ever before, FIFTEEN HUNDRED PRIZES Aggregating in value over $5000.00, Being distributed among all subscribers to the Semi- Weekly early in April. Prize No. 1 is an upright Fischer piano, worth $500 cash. Prize No. 2 is a thoroughbred Holstein bull, worth $200. Prize No. 3 is a Bain wagon, worth $175. Prize No. 4 is a lot in Garden City, worth $150. Prize No. 5 is a yearling heifer, worth $125. Prize No. 6 is a purse of $100 in gold, and in the list are several hundred dollars in gold in smaller purses, while included in the 1500 prizes are sewing machines, mowers, reapers, rifles, photos, steel engravings, encyclopedias, toilet sets, fruit trees, shade trees, dishes, stoves, books, etc., FIFTEEN HUNDRED IN ALL! Which will be distributed among all who subscribe for a THE SEMI-WEEKLY HERALD. Price $3.00 per year. Send for a descriptive catalogue free. Address THE HERALD Co., Salt Lake. Officers: JOHN T. CAINE, President, HEBER J. GRANT, Vice-President. HORACE G. WHITNEY, Business Manager. DIRECTORS: FRANCIS ARMSTRONG, W. H. ROWE, W. W. RITER, S. P. TEASDEL, JUNIUS F. WELLS, HEBER M. WELLS, RICHARD W. YOUJNG, E. G. WOOLLEY, CHAS. S. BURTON, Jas. SHARP, ELIAS A. SMITH.
View Ad Ellis R. Shipp Count: 1 First Date: 1890-04-01 Last Date: 1890-04-01
DR. ELLIS R. SHIP Will commence her next OBSTETRIC CLASS, APRIL 15th, 1890. Parties wishing to join the class_ will please commu- nicate with me as to books, terms, etc., immediately. Address: 16 Main St., Salt Lake City.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 1 First Date: 1890-10-01 Last Date: 1890-10-01
NOTICE. On October 14, Dr. Romania B. Pratt will be- gin another class in obstetrics. A limited num- ber of students will be given positions in the Deseret Hospital, where further particulars may be obtained from the Doctor. Those who take advantage of this opportunity to advance in this important branch of study cannot do better than identify themselves with the class, Dr. Pratt be- ing a thoroughly competent teacher.
View Ad Ellis R. Shipp Count: 1 First Date: 1890-10-01 Last Date: 1890-10-01
OBSTETRICS. For the past ten years Dr. Ellis R. Shipp has taught large classes in Obstetrics, and through the earnest solicitation of those Specially in- terested still continues her labor of love in that direction, for the great advantage and indeed necessity of this knowledge cannot be overesti- mated. How soul-sickening is the oft told tale of suffering and death of the mother while passing through the greatest ordeal of her life—the bear- ing of the souls of men! . Who can but realize the importance of skilled help that suffering may be reduced to a minimum and death at this sacred period remain for ages unheard off. "The introductory lecture of Dr. E.R. Shipp’s Winter classe will be given on Friday Oct. 10th, at 4 p. m. All interested are cordially invited to attend at her residence No. 34 South 7 East St. Salt Lake City. ~~
View Ad Ellis R. Shipp Count: 1 First Date: 1890-10-01 Last Date: 1890-10-01
The introductory lecture of Dr. E. R. _Shipp’s Winter class will be given on Friday Oct. 10th, at 4 p. m. All interested are cordially invited to attend at her residence No. 34 South 7 East St. Salt Lake City.
View Ad Salt Lake Herald Count: 2 First Date: 1890-10-15 Last Date: 1890-11-01
FOURTH ANNUAL Premium Distribution OF HTE SALT LAKE Semi-Weekly Herald 1,500 PRIZES ! VALUED AT $5,OOO, Will be Given Away in the usual manner early in 1891. All you have to do is to pay $3.00, which will secure you the SEMI-WEEKLY HERALD for one year and a chance in the PREMIUM DISTRIBUTION. It is already the Biggest, Brightest and Best of Utah papers, as the sworn circulation of 10,700 copies per week fully at- -tests, and new improvements will be added to it in the near future. THE PRIZES will be headed by a magnificent Upright Everett Piano, valued at $500 cash, to be seen at the piano warerooms of the F. E. Warren Mercantile Co., 10 E. Second South, Salt Lake. They will also include Purses of Gold Coin ranging from One Hundred Dollars down to Five Dollars, Valuable Horned Stock, Sewing Machines, Agri- cultural Implements, Fruit and Shade Trees, Steel Engravings, Pictures, Gold and Silver Watches, Trunks, Dishes, Town Lots, Toilet Sets, Oil Paintings, and over One Thousand Beautiful and Useful Books of History, Poetry and Standard Fiction. Premium Receipts now Ready. Subscribe through any local or traveling agent, or send money by P. O. order, postal note, bank check or draft, or Postage stamps. at our risk Address THE HERALD CO., Salt Lake. Read what some of the L Lucky Ones in last year’s Distribution have to say: Fairview, Sanpete Co., Utah, August 80, 1890. The Herald Co., Salt Lake City, Utah.—This is to certify that I received One Hundred Dollars cash as a premium from the Herald Company. Accept my sin- cere thanks for the same, Yours, with kindest regards, MARY V. PRITCHETT. Springville, August 29, 1890. To the Herald Company, Salt Lake City.—I received the premium (a $10 easy rocker) all right, and was satisfied. Yours respectfully, EMMA DALEY.