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View Ad R. K. Thomas Count: 10 First Date: 1905-01-01 Last Date: 1905-11-01
R. K. THOMAS DRY GOODS CO. 67 69, 71 Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah. WE ARE IN OUR NEW STORE and solicit your patronage. We aim to give you as much as possible for you money. TRY US.
View Ad Zion's Savings Bank & Trust Count: 10 First Date: 1905-01-01 Last Date: 1905-11-01
Save Your Money! And when you get a dollar, deposit it with Zion’s Savings Bank & Trust Company, the oldest and largest savings bank in Utah. Since the establishment of the bank we have opened more than 19,000 sav- ings accounts. The laws of Utah permit married women and also children who are minors to open savings accounts in their own name, subject to their own order. Have you such an account? If not, open one NOW. We pay FOUR PER CENT IN- TEREST on any amount from one dol- lar to thousands, and compute said interest four times a year. WRITE for any information desired. JOSEPH F, SMITH, Prest. GEORGE M. Cannon, Cashier No. 1-3- Main Street
View Ad Margaret C. Roberts Count: 1 First Date: 1905-07-01 Last Date: 1905-07-01
Obstetries and Nursing. DR. MARGARET C. ROBERTS Will commence her class in Obstetrics and Nursing on Monday, October 9, 1905. For further information communicate with Dr. Roberts at 79 C Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. Telephone 2002.