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Advertisement by Maggie C. Shipp: Appeared 2 times, 1885-05-01 to 1885-05-15

An advertisement by  from the 1885-05-01 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1885-05-01 issue of The Woman's Exponent


Special Notice.

In order to accomodate a number of persons who
desire to join my Obstetric Class, but cannot commence
in May, I have concluded not to Mart my Class until
later, when due notice will be given.


Dr. Maggie C. Shipp
Will commence a class in her office on May 1, 1985;
a term consists of ten weeks. Two lectures every day,
Saturdays excepted.

Tuition a Term, $10.00. Books, $13.00.

Dr. Shipp will remain in the city, and can be found et
her office and residence, 66 S. First West Street

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