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Advertisement by Maggie C. Shipp: Appeared 2 times, 1886-04-15 to 1886-05-01

An advertisement by  from the 1886-05-01 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1886-05-01 issue of The Woman's Exponent


Class in Obstetrics.


Will commence a Class in Obstetrics on
May 3d, 1886, at 2 p.m., at her
Office, No. 16 Main Street.

TUITION, per term, - - - $10.00.

Dr. Shipp’s office hours are from 10 a. m., to 5 p. m.
Her residence is 34 Seventh East Street.

The doctor has given special study to Obstetrics and
Women's Diseases.

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