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Advertisement by Maggie C. Shipp: Appeared 2 times, 1896-08-01 to 1896-08-15

An advertisement by  from the 1896-08-15 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1896-08-15 issue of The Woman's Exponent



will commence her next class in OBSTETRICS
AND NURSING on Monday, October 12th,
1896, at her residence, 487 E. Second South Street,
Telephone 383. Special arrangements made when
counties send more than one person. The follow-
ing ladies from the doctor’s classes have passed
successful examinations before the State Medical
Board, and received certificates to practice:

Annie Calvin, Eden, Weber Co., Utah.
E.A. Froever, Huntsville, Weber Co., Utah.
Sarah H. Reed, Woodruff, Rich Co., Utah.
Fannie V. Schutt, Meadowville, Rich Co., Utah.
Lucinda Patten, Payson, Utah Co., Utah.
Mary Hond, Benjamin, Utah Co., Utah.
Annie Tillotson, Ogden City, Weber Co., Utah,
Mary A. Turner, West Jordan, Salt Lake Co., Utah,
Carrie Johnson, Union, Salt Lake Co., Utah.
Annie Thurber, Richfield, Sevier Co., Utah.
Mary Dewey, Deweyville, Box Elder Co., Utah.
Minnie Baird, Layton, Davis Co., Utah.
Sarah White, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mary Edwards, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Millie Reynolds, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Carrie Anderson, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mary Higgs, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Biddie Erickson, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Emily Lish, Rockland, Oneida Co., Idaho.

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