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Advertisement by Oregon Short Line Railroad: Appeared 6 times, 1898-08-01 to 1898-11-01

An advertisement by  from the 1898-09-01 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1898-09-01 issue of The Woman's Exponent


(In Effect July 17, 1898.

Trains arrive and depart at Salt Lake City
daily us follows:

From Chicago, Omaha, St. Louis,
Kansas City, Denver, Park City
and Ogden 3:10 p m
From Helena, Butte, Portland, San
Francisco. Ogden and intermed-
fate points 8:55 a m
From San Francisco, Cache Valley
Ogden and intermediate points. 7:15 p m
From Chicago, Omaha, St. Louis,
Kansas City Denver and Ogden 3:10 a m
*From Frisco, Milford, Sanpete, Pro-
vo, Eureka, Mammoth, Silver
City and intermediate points.... 6:20 p m
†Mixed train from Terminus,
Tooele and Garfield Beach 4:00 p m

For Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Kan-
sas City, St. Louis, Ogden and
Park City 7:00 a m
For San Francisco, Ogden, Cache
Valley and intermediate points. 3:05 a m
For Ogden, Denver, Kansas City
Omaha, St. Louts, Chicago and
intermediate points.............. 6:25 p m
For Ogden, Butte, Helena, Portland
and San Francisco 3:45 p m
*For Mercur, Eureka, Silver City,
Provo, Nephi. Sanpete, Milford,
Frisco and intermediate points 7:30 a m
†Mixed train for Garfield Beach,
Tooele and Terminus 7:45 a m
*Trains south of Juab run daily except
†Daily except Sunday.


No. 200 West Second South street
Telephone No 250.
Railroad and Steamship Tickets on sale
to all parts of the world.
Pullman Palace Car ticket office.
D. E. BURLEY, Gen. Pass. and Ticket Agent
8. W. ECCLES, General Traffic Manager.
W. H. BANCROFT, Vice-President and Gen. Manager

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