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Exponent Advertisements

Advertisement by Romania Pratt: Appeared 2 times, 1885-09-01 to 1885-09-15

An advertisement by  from the 1885-09-15 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1885-09-15 issue of The Woman's Exponent


Obstetric Class.

Dr. Romania B. Pratt


Semi-Annual Class, Sept. 21,

In her large and well-appointed Office, in Godbe,
Pitta & Co's Drug Store.

Lecture at 4 p.m.

Charis, Mannikin and all apparatus for teaching.

As Electricity is a great adjuvant to the Healing
Art, and possessing one of the best Batteries, lessons on
its applications and uses in medicine will be given the

Tuition for Three Months, $30.00.
Books, (Three) 13.50.

A number of applications are usually received after
the class has begun; it is earnestly hoped those desiring
to attend will be at the opening.

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