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Advertisement by Romania Pratt: Appeared 1 time, 1881-03-01

An advertisement by  from the 1881-03-01 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1881-03-01 issue of The Woman's Exponent


students taught by Dr. Romania B. Pratt during
last summer in her classes in midwifery, Mrs.
Elizabeth Nuttall, of Kanab, Mrs. Jeannette De
La Mere, of Tooele City, and Mrs. Sinah P.
Bishop, of Salt Lake City, were blessed and set
apart by Pres. W. Woodruff and Counselor D.
H. Wells, and all passed a satisfactory examina-
tion before Dr. J. M. Benedict and Dr. S. B.

Young, and received certificates, showing their
qualifications and ability to act as midwives,

Another Class, consisting of Mrs. M. A. Stod-
dard, of Grantsville, Mrs. S. L. Goss, of Salt
Lake City, Mrs. A, Woolman, of Spanish Fork,
and Mrs. E. Papworth, of Hooperville, finished
their course of study last Wednesday, and were
blessed and set apart by President Jos. F, Smith
assisted by President A. O. Smoot, and in the
evening passed a very creditable examination
before Dr. S. B. Young and Dr. Ellen B. Fergu-
son, each receiving her certificate of competency
to act in this special branch of medicine. Hav-
ing been duly qualified, as above stated, these
sisters are we believe fully worthy of the con-
fidence of the people among whom they are to
practice their vocation.

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