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Advertisement by The Contributor: Appeared 1 time, 1881-09-15

An advertisement by  from the 1881-09-15 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1881-09-15 issue of The Woman's Exponent


Representing the Young Men and Women
of Utah.


THE Third Volume of the Contributor will
commence with October, 1881, number.
Each number will contain Thirty-two Pages of
choice reading matter. The volume will make
a fine library book of nearly Four Hundred

The success attending the first and second
years of this magazine justifies the prediction
that the new volume will not be excelled by any
home publication. The following are a few lead-
ing features that will characterize Volume


These will appear in each number, being care-
fully selected from the discourses and composi-
tions delivered during the last four years of the
Prophet’s Life. They are upon a variety of im-
portant doctrinal subjects, and are full of light
and truth, communicated in the most thrilling
sentences, which distinguished the delivery of
their inspired author.

Every Latter-day Saint should be familiar
with the sayings of the Prophet.

In connection with the sermons will be pub-
lished short Biographical Sketches of Joseph
and Hyrum Smith. Illustrated with


These engravings are said by the most compe-
tent judges to be the finest and most accurate
portraits of the Prophet and Patriarch ever pub-
lished. They are full page pictures, printed in
the most artistic manner, and are alone worth
half the price of subscription charged for the

The volume will contain Historical Sketches
of the Buchanan Campaign of 1857, being an ac-
count of the causes and notable incidents of the
Echo Canyon War, taken from original docu-
ments. There is no epoch of the history of Utah
more romantic and interesting than the period
treated upon in this series.

Historical, Biographical, Scientific, Literary
and Miscellaneous matter, from the pens of
Utah’s young people and other writers, will add
to the value of the new volume.

The Department devoted to Association Intel-
ligence will be much improved, containing, be-
sides minutes of important meetings, Queries
and Answers, Brief Correspondence, Model Pro-
grammes, etc.

All the members of Associations are requested
to employ this department in asking any proper
questions that they may desire. 

Officers of Associations are urgently solicited
to take an active interest in the Magazine, writ-
ing and procuring suitable matter for its col-
umns, and doing all in their power to extend its
circulation among the .

Presidents of the Y. M. M. I. A. will please
act as agents.

Terms of subscription, invariably in advance:

One year—including Engravings,... Two Dollars.
Six Months,... One Dollar and a Half.

Steel Engravings of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
India mounted on cards, 9 x 12 inches, for fram-
ing, One Dollar and a Half per pair.

Agents getting up clubs of Fifteen Annual
Subscribers will receive an extra copy and a pair
of Engravings for framing, free.

Associations getting up clubs of Ten will re-
ceive an extra copy free.

Volumes One and Two, handsomely bound.
For sale at the Office. Price $2.50.

Address—JUNIUS F. WELLS, Editor and
Publisher, Salt Lake City, Utah. P.O Box 805.

Office, first door north of Z. C. M. I.

Remittances should be made by P. O. Money
Order or Registered Letter.

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