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Exponent Advertisements

Advertisement by The Empire News Co: Appeared 5 times, 1887-04-01 to 1887-08-01

An advertisement by  from the 1887-04-01 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1887-04-01 issue of The Woman's Exponent



The latest art work among ladies is
known as the “French Craze” for decorating
china, glassware, etc. It is something entirely
new, and is both profitable and fascinating. It
is very popular in New York,Boston and other
Eastern cities. To ladies desiring to learn the
Art, we will send an elegant china placque (18
inches,) handsomely decorated, for a model, to-
gether with a box of material, 100 colored de-
signs assorted in flowers, animals, soldiers,
landscapes, etc., complete, with full instruc-
tions, upon receipt of only $1.00. The placque
alone is worth more than the amount charged.
To every lady ordering this outfit who encloses
the address of five other ladies interested in
Art matters, to whom we can mail our new
catalogue of Art Goods, we will enclose extra
and without charge, a beautiful 30 inch, gold-
tinted placque.

Address, The Empire News Co., Syracuse,

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