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Advertisement by The Empire News Co: Appeared 5 times, 1887-04-01 to 1887-08-01

An advertisement by  from the 1887-04-01 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1887-04-01 issue of The Woman's Exponent



This Favorite Album of Songs and Ballads,
containing thirty-two pieces of choice and popu-
lar music, full sheet music size, with complete
words and music and piano accompaniment is
finely printed upon heavy paper, with avery
attractive cover. The following are the titles
of the songs and ballads contained in the Fa-
vorite Album:—As I’d Nothing Else to Do;.
The Dear Old Songs of Home; Mother, Watch
the Little feet; Oh, You Pretty Blue-eyed
Witch; Blue Eyes; Katy’s Letter; The Passing
Bell; I Saw Esau Kissing Kate; Won’t You
Tell Me Why, Robin; The Old Garden Gate;
Down below the Waving Lindens; Faded
Leaves; All Among the Summer Roses; Touch
the Harp Gently, my Pretty Louise; I Really
Don’t Think I Shall Marry; Dreaming of
Home; The old Cottage Clock; Across the Sea;
A Year Ago; Bachelor’s Hall; Ruth and I;
Good Night; One Happy Year Ago; Jennie in
the Orchard; The Old Barn Gate; Jack’s Fare-
well; Polly; Whisper in the Twilight, This is
a very fine collection of real vocal gems, and
gotten up in very handsome style. Published
in the usual way and bought at a music store,
these 32 pieces would cost you $11.20. We
bought a job lot of this music at a great sacri-
fice, and as the holidays are past, we desire to
close out our stock at once. Will send you the
entire collection, well wrapped and postpaid,
for only 40 cts. Send immediately.

Address, The Empire News Co., Syracuse,

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