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Advertisement by Vincy R. Barker: Appeared 4 times, 1912-10-01 to 1913-02-01

An advertisement by  from the 1912-12-01 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1912-12-01 issue of The Woman's Exponent




By Vincy R. Barker

Prepared Especially for Relief Society Classes
Approved by the General Board

Designed to give the student a general view
and lasting impression of Book of Mormon
lands from the beginning of Nephite and Jar-
edite history at Jerusalem and Babylon, Asia,
to their close in America.

With the arrangement of the map of the
World with the Western Hemisphere at the
right we see at once all the countries and the
leading cities involved in Book of Mormon and
early Church history.

Because of the uncertainty and difference of
opinion existing in regard to the location of
Book of Mormon points only such locations
are made as our leading Book of Mormon stu-
dents seem to harmonize upon, leaving teach-
ers to make minor locations for their own use
according to their own interpretation of the

Listed upon the map are:
1st. Authority for all locations made.
2nd. Under the name of their respective.
countries all the cities not located with their
reference in the text and date of first mention.
3rd. The Hills with reference.

Large size 24x35 inch, cloth, mounted, $2.00,
per dozen, $20.00.

Small size, 10x15 inch, paper, 15 cents, per
dozen, $1.25,

Special terms to Stakes desiring to place
small ones in their outlines and large ones in
Ward Societies.

1144 Washington Ave.
Ogden, Utah

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