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Exponent Advertisements

Advertisement by Dora Robinson: Appeared 2 times, 1878-02-01 to 1878-03-01

An advertisement by  from the 1878-03-01 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1878-03-01 issue of The Woman's Exponent



All who may wish to purchase silk-worm
eggs can obtain them from Mrs. Dora Robinson
of Farmington. It would be well for those
who intend to purchase to secure what quanti-
ty they may need, and if desirable they could
leave them in Mrs. Robinson’s care till it was
time to make use of them. Mulberry trees of
all sizes can be obtained from President
Young’s farm, just south of the city, by apply-
ing to Wm. Rossiter, at the President’s Office.
The trees are from five to forty cents apiece,
according to size.

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