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Exponent Advertisements

Advertisement by H. H. Warner & Co.: Appeared 1 time, 1880-08-15

An advertisement by  from the 1880-08-15 issue of the Woman's Exponent
From the 1880-08-15 issue of The Woman's Exponent


THE SUMMER SOLSTICE.—One great reason
why hot weather is so debilitating lies in the
fact that the body is exhausted by the labors
of the year. Indeed, it is natural that this
should be so. In order, therefore, to resist this
tendency to exhaustion it only becomes neces-
sary to re-invigorate the body, which can
readily be done by one or two bottles of War-
ner’s Safe Tonic. This remedy is being exten-
sively used by physicians for this purpose, and
is for sale by druggists in all parts of the world.

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