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View Ad Calder & Careless Count: 14 First Date: 1873-06-15 Last Date: 1874-01-01
CALDER & CARELESS, No. 37, East Temple Street, Salt Lake City. Agents for the Arion Piano, Mason & Hamlin Organ and Wilson Shuttle Lock-Stitch Sewing Machine. All kinds of Music and Fancy Goods. jel5
View Ad Calder & Careless Count: 35 First Date: 1877-03-15 Last Date: 1878-08-15
PIANOS & ORGANS, Of the Very Best manufacture, and warranted for five years, on INSTALMENTS OF ONE, TWO OR THREE YEARS. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or six monthly. Prices low and no interest charged. Send to us for catalogue and further information. CALDER & CARELESS.
View Ad Utah Conservatory of Music Count: 2 First Date: 1879-08-15 Last Date: 1879-09-01
THE UTAH CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC. WILL re-open for the Fall term Aug. 20th. Classes in Vocal and Instrumental Music, Harmony, & flocus tion, Musical History will be organized at once. A Nor- mal Course in Vocal and Instrumental Music, and in Drawing, will be opened for the benefit of teachers in the public schools and one for the normal students of the University. Elocution, Harmony and Theory classes, free to pupils studying in other departments. For terms apply to DR. E. B. FERGUSON, Director.
View Ad Kate Bridgewell Anderson Count: 3 First Date: 1897-09-15 Last Date: 1897-11-01
Mrs Kate Bridewell Anderson, Formerly of New Orleans, and re- cently of Ogden, has opened a vocal Studio in Unity Hall, 28 W. Third South. Operatic repertoire a special- ty. Hours from 10 until 2 p.m., ex- cept Wednesdays and Saturdays.