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JOHNSON’S HOMEMADE FAMILY MEDICINES! Warranted to be Better than the Best Im- ported, and Give Ample Satisfaction. BONESET PILLS. Purely vegetable. They cleanse and purify the blood, stomach and bowels. Act powerfully upon the liver, kidneys and urinary organs. Break up fevers, strengthen digestion and bring the rosy hue of health to faces emaciated. Are tonic, cathartic, stimulant, and soothe, by removing the cause of disease. Are safe and harmless in all cases where cathartics are required, for either sex, for young or old. Try them fairly, and you will never use any more imported pills. Price 25 cents. EYE BALSAM. For dimness of vision, weak or drooping eyelids, inflamed eyes, old ulcers, sores, ringworm, tetters, cracked or sore lips, hands, etc. Price 25 cents. CONKLIN SALVE. For pains or weakness in the side, back, breast, or other parts of the system, cuts, wounds, sores, etc. Price 25 cents. ESSENCE OF LIFE cures cholera, diarrhea, summer complaints, coughs, cholics, toothache, and many other ills. Price 50 cents. These medicines are for sale, wholesale and retail, at ZION’S CO-OPERATIVE DRUG STORE, Salt Lake City, and at most of the co-operative stores throughout the Territory. If not kept in your stores, ask your merchants to send for them. Co-operative stores throughout the Territory fur- nished on commission, or sold at rates advantageous to purchasers. AGENTS are authorized to refund the money, where the medicines do not give satisfaction, and distribute to the poor needing the pills at expense of the proprietor one-twelfth of amount disposed of. From the Laboratory of J. E. JOHNSON, St. George, Utah.