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SARA’S SALVE! PURE and harmless, inwardly or outwardly applied, will prove a great blessing to the afflicted. Spread it as thin as possible on linen when applied outwardly. Cover the forehead and back of the neck over night with the plaster for neuralgia, around the ears for earache or roaring sounds, the cheek for toothache. Cover the nip- ples when sore, or the breast when painful, the back and chest when aching, the stomach when cramped. When suffering from inward complaints, roll some of it into pills and take from one to five, according to the degree of pain or condition of the patient. As clyster, nothing will equal it. For burns and frozen hands and feet, it is bet- ter than any other remedy. It is excellent for chapped hands. It will cure felons in two or three days. It takes off dead flesh in a few hours. It will cure old sores that have baffled the most skillful doctors for scores of years. Lame limbs of years standing it will cure in a week or two. All kinds of aches or pains or open sores on man or beast it will cure. Those that have tried it will not be without it. JULIA S. WINHOLM. For sale at the Commission House, Salt Lake City.