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View Ad ZCMI Count: 1 First Date: 1873-01-01 Last Date: 1873-01-01
A PRIZE! Should be in every house! The SINGER SEWING MACHINE! Will do the most delicate and elegant, as well as the strongest or plainest, sewing, in a style un- equalled by any other Machine. Received the first diploma at the Territorial Fair, in October last. Its Embroidery attachment is an object of general ad- miration. More of the Singer are sold than of any other Machine, Call and see them at the Singer Sewing Machine Department, two doers south of Eagle Emporium, Salt Lake City. Z. C. M. I. General Agents.
View Ad Campbell & Patterson Count: 10 First Date: 1873-01-01 Last Date: 1873-05-15
CAMPBELL & PATTERSON, | Dealers in Books, Stationery and Newspapers, East Temple St., Salt Lake City, Utah. Orders from the country solicited. Liberal discount to Sunday school Libraries. General Agents for WOMAN'S EXPONENT.
View Ad ZCMI Count: 3 First Date: 1873-01-01 Last Date: 1873-01-31
Z. C. M. I RETAIL DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT. We are constantly in the receipt of all Seasonable, Fashionable, Dress Goods, Suitable for the great va- riety of our Patrons. We continue to manufacture the Celebrated SALT LAKE GLOVES. Children’s Hosiery, Shoes, and Gloves, a specialty. While we carry a fine stock of the elegant fabrics of the day, yet the grand staples, such as Domestics, Checks, Stripes, Denims, etc., are offered at the low- est possible figure. H. B. CLAWSON, Sup’t
View Ad Dunford's Count: 7 First Date: 1873-01-01 Last Date: 1873-04-01
SPECIAL TO THE LADIES. We would respectfully call your attention to the fact, that we have one of the Largest and best Stocks of Ladies’, Misses’ and Children’s FURS in Sets, as also Capes and Collars (separate), that will be found in this City. Also a large assortment of Fine Shoes of Philadelphia and California make. The above goods we will sell at the lowest possible price. DUNFORD & SONS, SALT LAKE CITY.
View Ad H. Dinwoodey Count: 23 First Date: 1873-01-01 Last Date: 1873-12-15
FURNISH YOUR HOMES. I would advise the Ladies who want to buy fine Parlor and Bed-room Sets of furniture to call and examine the immense stock kept by H. DINWOODEY, At No. 31, East Temple Street, and No. 75, First South Street.
View Ad H. Wallace Count: 24 First Date: 1873-01-01 Last Date: 1873-12-15
H. WALLACE Has the best, largest and purest stock of confec- tionary in Salt Lake city. Just the place for ladies to purchase.
View Ad Johson's Homemade Family Medicines Count: 3 First Date: 1873-01-01 Last Date: 1873-02-15
JOHNSON’S HOMEMADE FAMILY MEDICINES! Warranted to be Better than the Best Im- ported, and Give Ample Satisfaction. BONESET PILLS. Purely vegetable. They cleanse and purify the blood, stomach and bowels. Act powerfully upon the liver, kidneys and urinary organs. Break up fevers, strengthen digestion and bring the rosy hue of health to faces emaciated. Are tonic, cathartic, stimulant, and soothe, by removing the cause of disease. Are safe and harmless in all cases where cathartics are required, for either sex, for young or old. Try them fairly, and you will never use any more imported pills. Price 25 cents. EYE BALSAM. For dimness of vision, weak or drooping eyelids, inflamed eyes, old ulcers, sores, ringworm, tetters, cracked or sore lips, hands, etc. Price 25 cents. CONKLIN SALVE. For pains or weakness in the side, back, breast, or other parts of the system, cuts, wounds, sores, etc. Price 25 cents. ESSENCE OF LIFE cures cholera, diarrhea, summer complaints, coughs, cholics, toothache, and many other ills. Price 50 cents. These medicines are for sale, wholesale and retail, at ZION’S CO-OPERATIVE DRUG STORE, Salt Lake City, and at most of the co-operative stores throughout the Territory. If not kept in your stores, ask your merchants to send for them. Co-operative stores throughout the Territory fur- nished on commission, or sold at rates advantageous to purchasers. AGENTS are authorized to refund the money, where the medicines do not give satisfaction, and distribute to the poor needing the pills at expense of the proprietor one-twelfth of amount disposed of. From the Laboratory of J. E. JOHNSON, St. George, Utah.
View Ad R. W. H. Groves Count: 6 First Date: 1873-01-01 Last Date: 1873-03-15
DR. W. H. GROVES, DENTIST, Office Second South Street. Three doors west of Great Western Hotel, half a block east of Elephant Store, Salt Lake City. Office Hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
View Ad ZCMI Count: 9 First Date: 1873-02-15 Last Date: 1873-06-15
Z. C. M. I. RETAIL DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT. To meet the demand of an increasing business we have added an essential addition to our RETAIL ROOM, wherein the most economical buyer can be suited. It is our highest ambition to suit our various visitants and purchasers, and to display our varied fabrics regardless of purchase. This department aims to suit the demands of all whether in DOMESTIC OR FANCY DRESS GOODS, either by the yard or piece. H. B. CLAWSON, Sup’t.
View Ad Taylor & Cutler's Count: 4 First Date: 1873-04-01 Last Date: 1873-05-15
TAYLOR & CUTLER, EAST TEMPLE Street, have a Splendid Line of LADIES’ DRESS GOODS, which will arrive about the First of April, selected by Mr. Cutler in New York expressly for this trade.
View Ad Telegraph Washing Machine Count: 11 First Date: 1873-04-15 Last Date: 1873-09-15
A HOUSEHOLD TREASURE. Every Family should have a Washing Machine; and there is none better—if as good—we truthfully and earnestly consider, having had experience in working and taken pains in observing several kinds, as the TELEGRAPH WASHING MACHINE, which is manufactured in this city, and sold by George God- dard; to whom all orders concerning it should be addressed, “P. O. Box 474, Salt Lake City.” We take pleasure in recommending this Machine to the ladies of Utah, and advise them to prove its superiority by purchasing and using it.
View Ad Calder & Careless Count: 13 First Date: 1873-06-15 Last Date: 1873-12-15
CALDER & CARELESS, No. 37, East Temple Street, Salt Lake City. Agents for the Arion Piano, Mason & Hamlin Organ and Wilson Shuttle Lock-Stitch Sewing Machine. All kinds of Music and Fancy Goods. jel5
View Ad Mary H. Baker, Barker Count: 8 First Date: 1873-09-01 Last Date: 1873-12-15
MARY H. BARKER M. D., Office opposite Old Constitution Building, Main Street. Office hours -10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
View Ad Carpenter Count: 8 First Date: 1873-09-01 Last Date: 1873-12-15
MRS. CARPENTER, Physician and Surgeon, Office at the Townsend House, Room No. 50.
View Ad Taylor & Cutler's Count: 2 First Date: 1873-09-15 Last Date: 1873-10-01
TAYLOR & CUTLER Are offering Special Inducements in Prices of LADIES' FALL DRESS GOODS For the Conference Trade. Store west side East Temple street.
View Ad James Dwyer's Book Store Count: 7 First Date: 1873-09-15 Last Date: 1873-12-15
BOOKS! BOOKS! PEOPLE IN WANT OF BOOKS IN ALL BRANCHES OF LITERATURE AND EDUCATION will find at JAMES DWYER’S BOOK STORE everything they need at less than Eastern Prices. Special discounts made to all who purchase. A Splendid Stock on hand.
View Ad H. E. Phelps Count: 2 First Date: 1873-09-15 Last Date: 1873-10-01
GRAND CHEAP SALES FOR THIRTY DAYS NOW GOING ON. 500 Pairs Blankets, 300 Soldiers’ Overcoats, "Cavalry,” 1,000 Soldiers’ Dress Coats, $3.00 each, 500 Pairs Government Shoes, $1.25 per pair, 900 Umbrellas, “great variety,"’ $10,000 worth of Hats, 50 Dozen Pairs California Shoes, 1,000 yards Home-made Linsey, 300 Dozen Winter Gloves, variety, 100 Dozen Home-made Socks, I Defy the trade to compete with me in prices of Jewelry. I will positively sell at prices to suit customers, Rich or Poor, for thirty days, H. E. Phelps, s15 29 Main Street.
View Ad Bazar of Fashion, Ladies Bazar Count: 2 First Date: 1873-09-15 Last Date: 1873-10-01
LADIES, YOU ARE INVITED TO CALL At Mrs Wiikinson’s LADIES' BAZAR for fash- ionable Fall Millinery and Fancy Dry Goods and Notions. New and stylish goods continually arriv- ing. First South street, west of Z.C.M.I.
View Ad H. K. Painter Count: 2 First Date: 1873-12-01 Last Date: 1873-12-15
MRS. H. K. PAINTER, M. D. ELECTRIC PHYSICIAN. Electricity administered when cases requre. Office, East side of Second East Street, one and a half blocks south of Theatre, Salt Lake City.