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View Ad Mitchell & James, David James Count: 23 First Date: 1888-01-01 Last Date: 1888-12-15
DAVID JAMES, TINNER, GAS, WATER & STEAM FITTER. Agent for RUMSEY’S celebrated LIFT and FORCE PUMPS. Pumps Repaired On short notice. Orders from the country promptly responded to. Address, David James, Box 306. Salt Lake City.
View Ad R. K. Thomas Count: 24 First Date: 1888-01-01 Last Date: 1888-12-15
View Ad Teasdel's Count: 24 First Date: 1888-01-01 Last Date: 1888-12-15
Special to the Ladies. AT TEASDEL’S Will be found the latest styles and productions in LACES, RUCHES, EMBRODERIES, FANS, GLOVES, PARASOLS, RIBBONS, COLLARS, TIES, And an elegant assortment of DRY GOODS: Special department for Ladies’ Misses’ and In- fant’s Shoes. 112, 114, 116, 118 East Temple Street,
View Ad Drs. Shipp Count: 4 First Date: 1888-03-01 Last Date: 1888-04-15
Drs. SHIPP OBSTETRIC CLASS. DRS. ELLIS R. and MAGGIE C. SHIPP will com- mence their next Class in Obstetrics on MONDAY, APRIL 12, '88. Communicate personally, or by letter, for full particulars, to 59 S. FIRST EAST STREET.
View Ad Drs. Shipp Count: 3 First Date: 1888-05-01 Last Date: 1888-06-01
EARLY IN MAY THE DRS. SHIIPP Design to issue the first number of The Salt Lake Sanitarian, A monthly journal of MEDICINE AND SURGERY. DEVOTED TO THE PREVENTION AND CURE OF disease and the Promulgation of the Laws of Health and Life. It will contain 24 pages of interest- ing reading matter, upon these important subjects, and it will be our aim to keep fully abreast with the times. The DRS. SHIPP, - - - Editors TERMS $2.00 A YEAR. AGENTS WANTED. See Prospectus for full particulars. Encouragement from those who will sustain us in our undertaking, is earnestly solicited, and we would be pleased to hear from you. We will spare no effort to give you a first class journal in every particular. Address DRS. SHIPP 59 S., First East Street, Salt Lake City.