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View Ad H. H. Warner & Co. Count: 12 First Date: 1880-05-01 Last Date: 1880-10-15
WARNER'S SAFE BITTERS It is the best Blood Purifier, and stimulates every function to more healthful action, and is thus a benefit in all diseases. In eliminating the impurities of the blood, the natural and necessary result is the cure of Scrof- ulous and other Skin Eruptions and Diseases, including Cancers, Ulcers and other Sores. Dyspepsia, Weakness of the Stomach, Consti- pation Dizziness, General Debility, etc., are cured by the Safe Bitters. It is Unequaled as an appetizer and regular tonic. It is a medicine which should be in every fam- ily, and which, wherever used, will save the payment of many doctors’ bills. Bottles of two sizes; prices, 50 cents and $1.00. SAFE KIDNEY & LIVER CURE SAFE DIABETES CURE SAFE TONIC NERVINE PILLS READ! Save Thyself Warner's Safe Reme- dies are sold by Druggists and Dealers in Medicine everywhere. H.H. Warner & CO., Proprietors, Rochester, N.Y. Send for Pamphlet and Testimonials.
View Ad H. H. Warner & Co. Count: 1 First Date: 1880-08-01 Last Date: 1880-08-01
AN EDUCATIONAL ENDORSEMENT:—The Rev. C. A. Harvey. D. D., of the Howard University, of Washington, has adressed the following letter to Messrs. Warner & Co., of Rochester N.Y. GENTLEMEN: I take pleasure in stating that I have for two years past been acquainted with the remedy known as Warner’s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure, and with its remarkable curative efficiency in obstinate and so called incurable cases of Bright’s Disease in this city. In some of these cases, which seemed to be in the last stages, and which had been given up by pract- citioners of both schools, the speedy change wrought by this remedy seemed but little less than miraculous. I am convinced that for Bright’s Disease, in all its stages, no remedy heretofore discovered can be held for one mo- ment in comparison with this. Respectfully Yours. C.A. HARVEY.
View Ad H. H. Warner & Co. Count: 1 First Date: 1880-08-15 Last Date: 1880-08-15
THE SUMMER SOLSTICE.—One great reason why hot weather is so debilitating lies in the fact that the body is exhausted by the labors of the year. Indeed, it is natural that this should be so. In order, therefore, to resist this tendency to exhaustion it only becomes neces- sary to re-invigorate the body, which can readily be done by one or two bottles of War- ner’s Safe Tonic. This remedy is being exten- sively used by physicians for this purpose, and is for sale by druggists in all parts of the world.
View Ad H. H. Warner & Co. Count: 1 First Date: 1880-09-01 Last Date: 1880-09-01
A Happy Restoration. —I can truly say that I owe my present existence and happy res- toration to the hopes and joys of life, to the use of Warner’s Safe Kidney Cure, and I say to every one suffering from any manner, of kidney, liver or urinary trouble, ‘‘Use this remedy and recover.” Holley, N. Y. Feb. 25, 1880.
View Ad H. H. Warner & Co. Count: 9 First Date: 1880-11-15 Last Date: 1881-03-15
WARNER'S SAFE KIDNEY & LIVER CURE Is made from &@ Simple Tropical Leaf of Rare value, and is a POSITIVE Remedy for all the diseases that cause pains in the lower part of the body—for Torpid Liver—Head- ache—Jaundice—Dizziness, Gravel, Malaria, and all difficult- Ies of the Kidneys, Liver, and Urinary Organs. For Fe- male Diseases, it has no equal. It restores the organs that make the blood, and hence is the best Blood Purifier. It is the only known remedy that cures Bright’s Dis- ease. For Diabetes, use Warner’s Safe Diabetes Cure, For Sale by Druggists and Dealers at $1,25 per bottle. Largest bottle in the Market. Try it. H. H. WARNER & CO., Rochester, N.Y.
View Ad H. H. Warner & Co. Count: 1 First Date: 1880-12-15 Last Date: 1880-12-15
I have suffered from kidney difficulty for the past ten years, accompanied by nervous spasms. Physicians gave me but temporary relief, but after using three and one-half bottles of War- ner’s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure, my nervous spasms were entirely relieved. My age is 77 years. I recommend the great remedy, to all sufferering from nervous troubles. MRS. MARY REESE. Easton, pa. AROUSING ITS READERS.—An alarm of fire at midnight is a startling thing, but not half so startling to many who hear it as would be the sudden knowledge of their own dangerous phy- sical condition. Thousands of thousands are hurrying to their graves because they are care- lessly indifferent to the insidious inroads of dis- eass and the means of cure. It is the mission of H.H. Warner & Co., with their Safe Kidney and Liver Cure, to arouse men to a sense of their danger and cure them.— Memphis Appeal. WARNER'S SAFE KIDNEY & LIVER CURE