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View Ad C. R. Savage Count: 70 First Date: 1876-03-01 Last Date: 1879-01-15
THE FINE ARTS. The Ladies of Utah are invited to visit our New Art Gallery, the finest in the West. We will show them specimens of our first premium por- trait and Landscape Photographs in all branches includ- ing enlargements from small pictures, any size or style, the coloring in water colors, ink or oil, is by G. M. Ottin- ger, which is a sufficient guarantee of excellence. Our prices are put at living rates. We spare no pains to produce satisfactory work, and are determined to excel in all we do. A full assortment of Day and Sunday School Prizes kept in stock. Frames, Chromos and Pictures of all kinds on hand. Send your orders to C.R. SAVAGE, Salt Lake City, Utah.
View Ad C. R. Savage Count: 1 First Date: 1885-01-15 Last Date: 1885-01-15
View Ad The Empire News Co Count: 5 First Date: 1887-04-01 Last Date: 1887-08-01
ANOTHER ART CRAZE. The latest art work among ladies is known as the “French Craze” for decorating china, glassware, etc. It is something entirely new, and is both profitable and fascinating. It is very popular in New York,Boston and other Eastern cities. To ladies desiring to learn the Art, we will send an elegant china placque (18 inches,) handsomely decorated, for a model, to- gether with a box of material, 100 colored de- signs assorted in flowers, animals, soldiers, landscapes, etc., complete, with full instruc- tions, upon receipt of only $1.00. The placque alone is worth more than the amount charged. To every lady ordering this outfit who encloses the address of five other ladies interested in Art matters, to whom we can mail our new catalogue of Art Goods, we will enclose extra and without charge, a beautiful 30 inch, gold- tinted placque. Address, The Empire News Co., Syracuse, N.Y.
View Ad The Empire News Co Count: 5 First Date: 1887-04-01 Last Date: 1887-08-01
BARGAIN IN MUSIC. This Favorite Album of Songs and Ballads, containing thirty-two pieces of choice and popu- lar music, full sheet music size, with complete words and music and piano accompaniment is finely printed upon heavy paper, with avery attractive cover. The following are the titles of the songs and ballads contained in the Fa- vorite Album:—As I’d Nothing Else to Do;. The Dear Old Songs of Home; Mother, Watch the Little feet; Oh, You Pretty Blue-eyed Witch; Blue Eyes; Katy’s Letter; The Passing Bell; I Saw Esau Kissing Kate; Won’t You Tell Me Why, Robin; The Old Garden Gate; Down below the Waving Lindens; Faded Leaves; All Among the Summer Roses; Touch the Harp Gently, my Pretty Louise; I Really Don’t Think I Shall Marry; Dreaming of Home; The old Cottage Clock; Across the Sea; A Year Ago; Bachelor’s Hall; Ruth and I; Good Night; One Happy Year Ago; Jennie in the Orchard; The Old Barn Gate; Jack’s Fare- well; Polly; Whisper in the Twilight, This is a very fine collection of real vocal gems, and gotten up in very handsome style. Published in the usual way and bought at a music store, these 32 pieces would cost you $11.20. We bought a job lot of this music at a great sacri- fice, and as the holidays are past, we desire to close out our stock at once. Will send you the entire collection, well wrapped and postpaid, for only 40 cts. Send immediately. Address, The Empire News Co., Syracuse, N.Y.
View Ad Kate Wells Studio Count: 5 First Date: 1891-04-15 Last Date: 1891-06-15
MISS KATE WELLS, STUDIO One door north of Z.C.M.I.-Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.-9 am. to 1 p m. 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. PHOTOGRAPHS COLORED & ENLARGED.