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View Ad Campbell & Patterson Count: 23 First Date: 1872-06-15 Last Date: 1873-05-15
CAMPBELL & PATTERSON, | Dealers in Books, Stationery and Newspapers, East Temple St., Salt Lake City, Utah. Orders from the country solicited. Liberal discount to Sunday school Libraries. General Agents for WOMAN'S EXPONENT.
View Ad James Dwyer's Book Store Count: 2 First Date: 1872-09-15 Last Date: 1872-10-01
LADIES WHO READ THE EXPONENT: I will receive, in time for the Territorial Fair and General Conference, one of the largest assort- ments of Books, Stationary, etc., ever brought to the Territory, including Ladies’ books on Physiology, the Training of Girls, Cookery books, Educational works in great variety; Albums; all the late Maga- zines, papers and periodicals; Stationery, Toys, Presents, Sunday School rewards, etc., etc. JAMES DWYER
View Ad James Dwyer's Book Store Count: 8 First Date: 1873-09-15 Last Date: 1874-01-01
BOOKS! BOOKS! PEOPLE IN WANT OF BOOKS IN ALL BRANCHES OF LITERATURE AND EDUCATION will find at JAMES DWYER’S BOOK STORE everything they need at less than Eastern Prices. Special discounts made to all who purchase. A Splendid Stock on hand.
View Ad Bible Almanac Count: 6 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-04-01
15 Cents! 15 Cents !! BIBLE ALMANAC For the Year of our Lord, 1881 Published by J.H. HEMAN, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. Ask for it in the Book Stores. Sent by Mail Postpaid.
View Ad The Contributor Count: 1 First Date: 1881-09-15 Last Date: 1881-09-15
PROSPECTUS OF THE CONTRIBUTOR, Representing the Young Men and Women of Utah. VOLUME THREE. THE Third Volume of the Contributor will commence with October, 1881, number. Each number will contain Thirty-two Pages of choice reading matter. The volume will make a fine library book of nearly Four Hundred Pages. The success attending the first and second years of this magazine justifies the prediction that the new volume will not be excelled by any home publication. The following are a few lead- ing features that will characterize Volume Three: SERMONS AND WRITINGS OF THE PROPHET JOSEPH SMITH. These will appear in each number, being care- fully selected from the discourses and composi- tions delivered during the last four years of the Prophet’s Life. They are upon a variety of im- portant doctrinal subjects, and are full of light and truth, communicated in the most thrilling sentences, which distinguished the delivery of their inspired author. Every Latter-day Saint should be familiar with the sayings of the Prophet. In connection with the sermons will be pub- lished short Biographical Sketches of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Illustrated with TWO. MAGNIFICENT STEEL PLATE ENGRAVINGS. These engravings are said by the most compe- tent judges to be the finest and most accurate portraits of the Prophet and Patriarch ever pub- lished. They are full page pictures, printed in the most artistic manner, and are alone worth half the price of subscription charged for the magazine. The volume will contain Historical Sketches of the Buchanan Campaign of 1857, being an ac- count of the causes and notable incidents of the Echo Canyon War, taken from original docu- ments. There is no epoch of the history of Utah more romantic and interesting than the period treated upon in this series. Historical, Biographical, Scientific, Literary and Miscellaneous matter, from the pens of Utah’s young people and other writers, will add to the value of the new volume. The Department devoted to Association Intel- ligence will be much improved, containing, be- sides minutes of important meetings, Queries and Answers, Brief Correspondence, Model Pro- grammes, etc. All the members of Associations are requested to employ this department in asking any proper questions that they may desire. Officers of Associations are urgently solicited to take an active interest in the Magazine, writ- ing and procuring suitable matter for its col- umns, and doing all in their power to extend its circulation among the . Presidents of the Y. M. M. I. A. will please act as agents. Terms of subscription, invariably in advance: One year—including Engravings,... Two Dollars. Six Months,... One Dollar and a Half. Steel Engravings of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. India mounted on cards, 9 x 12 inches, for fram- ing, One Dollar and a Half per pair. Agents getting up clubs of Fifteen Annual Subscribers will receive an extra copy and a pair of Engravings for framing, free. Associations getting up clubs of Ten will re- ceive an extra copy free. Volumes One and Two, handsomely bound. For sale at the Office. Price $2.50. Address—JUNIUS F. WELLS, Editor and Publisher, Salt Lake City, Utah. P.O Box 805. Office, first door north of Z. C. M. I. Remittances should be made by P. O. Money Order or Registered Letter.
View Ad Agusta Joyce Crocheron Count: 2 First Date: 1881-12-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
“WILD FLOWERS of DESERET." BY AGUSTA JOYCE CROCHERON. BOOK OF POEMS OF 240 PAGES. SUBJECTS: RE- ligious, Sentimental, Humerous, Domestic, Historical, Quaint and Pathetic. Leather, $1.50; Cloth, $1.25. Postage free. Address: Mrs. A.J. Crocheron, Box 419 Salt Lake City. Send Money by P. O. Order or Registered Letter.
View Ad Bible Almanac Count: 4 First Date: 1881-12-01 Last Date: 1882-01-15
JUST ISSUED By J. H. HEMAN, Salt Lake City, Utah. BIBLE ALMANAC FOR 1882. (Second Year.) 1S cts. per copy. A liberal discount will be allowed to Canvas- sers. A few copies of last year's Almanac for sale at the same price.
View Ad Books by Eliza R. Snow Count: 48 First Date: 1883-07-01 Last Date: 1887-12-01
For Sale at this Office. BOOKS BY ELIZA R. SNOW. PRIMARY SPEAKER, Nos. 1 and 2, - 25c. per copy MUSIC BOOK for Primary Hymn Book, 40c. “ POEMS, by E.R. Snow, Vol. 1, - $1.00 “ “ Vol. 2, containing steel engraving of the author, bound in morocco, 1.25 « CORRESPONDENCE OF PALESTINE TOURISTS, with steel engravings of George A. Smith and Lorenzo Snow, bound in cloth, $1.25, In morocco, - 1.50 “
View Ad N. D. C. Reading Room Count: 2 First Date: 1885-11-15 Last Date: 1885-12-01
THIS PAPER can be found on the tables of the N.D.C READING ROOM, 718 Washington St., BOSTON, MASS. DR. JAMES A. BLISS is duly authorized by us to receive subscriptions and to make con- tracts for advertising at our regular rates. The Reading Room is open daily to the public (except Sundays) from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
View Ad H. A. Hess Count: 2 First Date: 1889-05-15 Last Date: 1889-06-01
SCAMMELL’S Universal Treasure House OF Useful KNOWLEDGE Should be purchased by all who wish a complete work on practical information for every day use. Earnest workers wanted to canvass for it by the general agent. H. A. Hess, 123 First East Street, Salt Lake City.
View Ad H. A. Hess Count: 1 First Date: 1889-07-01 Last Date: 1889-07-01
A COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE GREAT JOHNSTOWN FLOOD Is now being published. Agents wanted; secure the agency for the places of your choice at once. H. A. HESS, General Agent 123 South First East Street
View Ad Salt Lake Herald Count: 3 First Date: 1890-02-15 Last Date: 1890-03-15
%5000.-- In Prizes GIVEN AWAY BY THE SALT LAKE HERALD, To SUBSCRIBERS OF THE SEMI-WEEKLY ISSUE, The Semi-Weekly Herald is now the largest, brightest and most enterprising paper published in Utah. It consists of 8 pages, and is shortly to be re-enlarged. The Herald publishes the most standard current stories by special arrangement with the authors; containing many illustrated features; has the exclusive rights to Bill Nye’s letters; maintains a regular telegraphic corres- pondent In Washington, and receives weekly letters from the celebrated correspondent Frank G. Carpenter. Special attention is paid to market reports and agri- cultural news; and a prominent feature will be made of religious news, the tabernacle services being regularly reported, while prominent sermons of the leading church authorities are given in full. In politics, The Herald stands as it has ever stood, the firm and un- deviating champion of the rights of the people of Utah. The Premium Distribution for 1890 Will be on a grander scale than ever before, FIFTEEN HUNDRED PRIZES Aggregating in value over $5000.00, Being distributed among all subscribers to the Semi- Weekly early in April. Prize No. 1 is an upright Fischer piano, worth $500 cash. Prize No. 2 is a thoroughbred Holstein bull, worth $200. Prize No. 3 is a Bain wagon, worth $175. Prize No. 4 is a lot in Garden City, worth $150. Prize No. 5 is a yearling heifer, worth $125. Prize No. 6 is a purse of $100 in gold, and in the list are several hundred dollars in gold in smaller purses, while included in the 1500 prizes are sewing machines, mowers, reapers, rifles, photos, steel engravings, encyclopedias, toilet sets, fruit trees, shade trees, dishes, stoves, books, etc., FIFTEEN HUNDRED IN ALL! Which will be distributed among all who subscribe for a THE SEMI-WEEKLY HERALD. Price $3.00 per year. Send for a descriptive catalogue free. Address THE HERALD Co., Salt Lake. Officers: JOHN T. CAINE, President, HEBER J. GRANT, Vice-President. HORACE G. WHITNEY, Business Manager. DIRECTORS: FRANCIS ARMSTRONG, W. H. ROWE, W. W. RITER, S. P. TEASDEL, JUNIUS F. WELLS, HEBER M. WELLS, RICHARD W. YOUJNG, E. G. WOOLLEY, CHAS. S. BURTON, Jas. SHARP, ELIAS A. SMITH.
View Ad Salt Lake Herald Count: 2 First Date: 1890-10-15 Last Date: 1890-11-01
FOURTH ANNUAL Premium Distribution OF HTE SALT LAKE Semi-Weekly Herald 1,500 PRIZES ! VALUED AT $5,OOO, Will be Given Away in the usual manner early in 1891. All you have to do is to pay $3.00, which will secure you the SEMI-WEEKLY HERALD for one year and a chance in the PREMIUM DISTRIBUTION. It is already the Biggest, Brightest and Best of Utah papers, as the sworn circulation of 10,700 copies per week fully at- -tests, and new improvements will be added to it in the near future. THE PRIZES will be headed by a magnificent Upright Everett Piano, valued at $500 cash, to be seen at the piano warerooms of the F. E. Warren Mercantile Co., 10 E. Second South, Salt Lake. They will also include Purses of Gold Coin ranging from One Hundred Dollars down to Five Dollars, Valuable Horned Stock, Sewing Machines, Agri- cultural Implements, Fruit and Shade Trees, Steel Engravings, Pictures, Gold and Silver Watches, Trunks, Dishes, Town Lots, Toilet Sets, Oil Paintings, and over One Thousand Beautiful and Useful Books of History, Poetry and Standard Fiction. Premium Receipts now Ready. Subscribe through any local or traveling agent, or send money by P. O. order, postal note, bank check or draft, or Postage stamps. at our risk Address THE HERALD CO., Salt Lake. Read what some of the L Lucky Ones in last year’s Distribution have to say: Fairview, Sanpete Co., Utah, August 80, 1890. The Herald Co., Salt Lake City, Utah.—This is to certify that I received One Hundred Dollars cash as a premium from the Herald Company. Accept my sin- cere thanks for the same, Yours, with kindest regards, MARY V. PRITCHETT. Springville, August 29, 1890. To the Herald Company, Salt Lake City.—I received the premium (a $10 easy rocker) all right, and was satisfied. Yours respectfully, EMMA DALEY.
View Ad Woman's Voice Count: 3 First Date: 1891-07-15 Last Date: 1891-08-15
Woman’ s Voice AND PUBLIC SCHOOL CHAMPION. A bright newsy weekly paper, treating of all reforms that affect women; is A firm defender of the public schools, and gives information concern- ing them. It contains reports of the W. C. T., the King’s Daughters and Missions. Exposes the dangers threatening the nation from Immigration, the Liquor Traffic and Roman- ism—gives full reoprts of the world-renowned Boston Music Hell Patriotic Sunday afternoon meetings. PRICE $1.00 PER YEAR. SAMPLE COPY 3 cts. Address: ELIZA TRASK HILL. Editor and General Manager, Room 9, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass.
View Ad The Woman's Tribune Count: 18 First Date: 1891-09-01 Last Date: 1892-06-01
THE WOMAN'S TRIBUNE, Edited and pubblished weekly at Washington, D.C., by CLARA BEWICK COLBY. Price, $1.00 a year. Trial Subscriptions, five weeks for 10 cents. The Woman's Journal, of Boston, and the Woman's Tri- bune, of Washington, D.C., will be sent to one ad- dress for $3.00 per year.
View Ad Vincy R. Barker Count: 4 First Date: 1912-10-01 Last Date: 1913-02-01
MA P FOR BOOK OF MORMON STUDY By Vincy R. Barker Prepared Especially for Relief Society Classes Approved by the General Board Designed to give the student a general view and lasting impression of Book of Mormon lands from the beginning of Nephite and Jar- edite history at Jerusalem and Babylon, Asia, to their close in America. With the arrangement of the map of the World with the Western Hemisphere at the right we see at once all the countries and the leading cities involved in Book of Mormon and early Church history. Because of the uncertainty and difference of opinion existing in regard to the location of Book of Mormon points only such locations are made as our leading Book of Mormon stu- dents seem to harmonize upon, leaving teach- ers to make minor locations for their own use according to their own interpretation of the Text. Listed upon the map are: 1st. Authority for all locations made. 2nd. Under the name of their respective. countries all the cities not located with their reference in the text and date of first mention. 3rd. The Hills with reference. Large size 24x35 inch, cloth, mounted, $2.00, per dozen, $20.00. Small size, 10x15 inch, paper, 15 cents, per dozen, $1.25, Special terms to Stakes desiring to place small ones in their outlines and large ones in Ward Societies. VINCY R. BARKER 1144 Washington Ave. Ogden, Utah