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View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 7 First Date: 1877-12-01 Last Date: 1878-03-01
Mrs. ROMANIA B. PRATT, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE in 12th Ward on 2d South St., between 5th and 6th East Sts., six blocks East of Post Office.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 7 First Date: 1878-03-15 Last Date: 1878-06-15
Mrs. ROMANIA B. PRATT, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, OFFICE AND ADDRESS—Main Street, over Dr. Richards’ Drug Store, nearly opposite Z.C.M.I.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 72 First Date: 1878-07-01 Last Date: 1881-09-15
ROMANIA B. PRATT, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, OFFICE—Up stiars, in Old Constitution Building, Residence six blocks east of Post Office, south side of street. Special study has been given to Obstetrics, diseases of Women, and DISEASES of the EYE AND EAR.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 3 First Date: 1880-09-15 Last Date: 1880-10-15
Class :in Obstetrics. DR. ROMANIA B PRATT, WILL COMMENCE ANOTHER CLASS IN OBSTET. rics, October 7th, 1880. By giving three lectures a week, and the students giving their whole time to study, the usual term of six months can be reduced to a little less than five. Terms, $30. Books, three in number $12. Those desiring to join the Class should send in their names and orders for books, as they require to be sent for East.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 5 First Date: 1881-02-01 Last Date: 1881-04-01
CLASS IN MIDWIFERY. DR. ROUMWNIA B. PRATT WILL BEGIN A NEW class in Midwifery, in her office, up stairs, Old Constitution tion Building, March 1st, 1881. Students should send their names in time for books to be procured. . TERMS, $30. BOOKS, $12.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 1 First Date: 1881-03-01 Last Date: 1881-03-01
CLASSES IN MIDWIFERY—Of the medical students taught by Dr. Romania B. Pratt during last summer in her classes in midwifery, Mrs. Elizabeth Nuttall, of Kanab, Mrs. Jeannette De La Mere, of Tooele City, and Mrs. Sinah P. Bishop, of Salt Lake City, were blessed and set apart by Pres. W. Woodruff and Counselor D. H. Wells, and all passed a satisfactory examina- tion before Dr. J. M. Benedict and Dr. S. B. Young, and received certificates, showing their qualifications and ability to act as midwives, Another Class, consisting of Mrs. M. A. Stod- dard, of Grantsville, Mrs. S. L. Goss, of Salt Lake City, Mrs. A, Woolman, of Spanish Fork, and Mrs. E. Papworth, of Hooperville, finished their course of study last Wednesday, and were blessed and set apart by President Jos. F, Smith assisted by President A. O. Smoot, and in the evening passed a very creditable examination before Dr. S. B. Young and Dr. Ellen B. Fergu- son, each receiving her certificate of competency to act in this special branch of medicine. Hav- ing been duly qualified, as above stated, these sisters are we believe fully worthy of the con- fidence of the people among whom they are to practice their vocation.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 43 First Date: 1882-07-01 Last Date: 1884-09-15
MRS. ROMANIA B. PRATT, M. D. OFFICE IN GODBE, PITTS & CO'S BUILDING. Office hours from 10 a.m. to 6p.m. Residence, Twelfth Ward, 2d South Street, bet. 5th. and 6th, East. Special Attention given to Diseases of the EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT, OBSTETRICS AND DISEASES OF WOMEN. Telephonic Communication between Office and Residence
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 2 First Date: 1882-10-01 Last Date: 1882-10-15
CLASS IN OBSTETRICS. BY special request of Mrs. E.R. SNOW SMITH, Dr. ROMANIA B. PRATT Will commence her class in Obstetrics, November 1st, 1882, in her office over Godbe & Pitts’ Drug Store. Lec- tures, three per week for five months. During the course, Drs. Anderson and Benedict will cach deliver six prac- tical lectures. Fee for course, $30.00; former stu- dents, $20.00; books (3), $12.00, Manikin, skeleton, in- struments and plates for illustration. Please send or- ders for books early, as they have to be ordered from the East.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 2 First Date: 1883-03-15 Last Date: 1883-04-01
CLASSES in MIDWIFERY Ties ROMANIA B. PRATT COMMENCES ANOTHER CLASS IN MID- WIFERY, April 9th, in Office over Godbe, Pitts & Co’s Drug Store, at 1 pm. Lectures three per week, for five months. Practical in- struction and examinations by Drs. Anderson and Benedict. Introductory lectures on general anatomy and physiology of the whole system. Manikin, plates and instruments for instruction. TUITION, - $30. Boots, 3 - 12 N.B.—Those desiring to join the class will please send names in early, that books may be ordered in time. For further particulars please write.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 6 First Date: 1883-08-01 Last Date: 1883-10-15
SCHOOL IN MIDWIFERY. DR. ROMANIA B. PRATT COMMENCES a new class in her office over Godbe & Pitts’ Drug Store October 8th, at 1 o’clock p.m. This school was established in 1878. The Term of five months, three lectures per week, is a practical course for those who desire to enter at once into this work. It is advised that those whose circumstances will admit, attend a second course, for the subject is so comprehen- sive that a repetition of the lectures is very advan- tageous, especially to those of limited education. Other branches of medicine are taught only as they hear especially upon this subject. More than that in so limited a course would be too superficial. Manikin, charts and instruments are used in teaching. Tuition.................................. $30.00 Books.................................... $13.00 N. B.-Orders tor books must be sent in early so as to get them from the east in time.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 1 First Date: 1884-10-01 Last Date: 1884-10-01
CLASS IN MIDWFIERY. Dr. Romania B. Pratt Will open her fall class October 13th, 1884, in her office over Godbe & Pitts’ Drug Store, at 2 p.m. Terms five months, three lectures per week: FEE, - $30.00. BOOKS, - $13.50.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 2 First Date: 1885-09-01 Last Date: 1885-09-15
Obstetric Class. Dr. Romania B. Pratt WILL COMMENCE HER Semi-Annual Class, Sept. 21, In her large and well-appointed Office, in Godbe, Pitta & Co's Drug Store. Lecture at 4 p.m. Charis, Mannikin and all apparatus for teaching. As Electricity is a great adjuvant to the Healing Art, and possessing one of the best Batteries, lessons on its applications and uses in medicine will be given the students. Tuition for Three Months, $30.00. Books, (Three) 13.50. A number of applications are usually received after the class has begun; it is earnestly hoped those desiring to attend will be at the opening.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 4 First Date: 1887-07-15 Last Date: 1887-09-01
Dr. Romania B. Pratt, Office and Residence at the Deseret Hospital, Seventeenth Ward, Salt Lake City. The Warm Springs car passes the Hospital which, can also be reached by Telephone No. 269.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 1 First Date: 1889-08-01 Last Date: 1889-08-01
Class in Obstetrics and Nuring Having unusual facilities in the Deseret Hos- pital instructions in the above, I will commence a class, September 30th. A limited number of positions will be available in the hospital with wages. Students can learn and earn at the same time. Period of Study, six months, consisting of two terms. For further information please communicate by letter immediately. Fee for Full Course, $50.00. Ronania B. Pratt, M.D., Resident Physican, Deseret Hospital.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 1 First Date: 1890-10-01 Last Date: 1890-10-01
NOTICE. On October 14, Dr. Romania B. Pratt will be- gin another class in obstetrics. A limited num- ber of students will be given positions in the Deseret Hospital, where further particulars may be obtained from the Doctor. Those who take advantage of this opportunity to advance in this important branch of study cannot do better than identify themselves with the class, Dr. Pratt be- ing a thoroughly competent teacher.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 2 First Date: 1892-11-01 Last Date: 1892-11-15
Class in Obstetrics. DR. ROMANIA B. PRATT Will commence another Class in Obstetrics about NOVEMBER 15. A few situations for Nurses are open in the hospital. For further information inquire of DR, PRATT, Deseret Hospital.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 6 First Date: 1895-07-15 Last Date: 1895-10-15
CLASS IN MIDWIFERY. Dr. R. B. Pratt, specialist in eye and ear and midwifery, office 75 F. street, Salt Lake City, (Deseret Hospital is closed) com- mences Class in midwifery October 9, 1895. Write for particulars.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 6 First Date: 1896-07-01 Last Date: 1896-10-01
CLASSIN MIDWIFERY DR. ROMANIA B. PRATT will commence the winter class in midwifery October 7, 1896. Several situations in small families for board. Special terms to students sent by the Relief Society. For further particulars please com municate with DR. PRATT, 226 Constitution Bldg., Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 15 First Date: 1897-06-01 Last Date: 1898-09-01
Midwifery Classes. DR. ROMANIA B. PRATT com- mences a class in midwifery every six months immediately after the semi-annual conference. Special courses of three months to mid- wives who have been in practice. Special terms given to students sent by any Relief Society. For par- ticulars please address Romania B. Pratt, Constitution Bldg. Main St., Salt Lake City.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 3 First Date: 1899-03-15 Last Date: 1899-04-15
NOTICE. To complete my volumes of the Woman's Exponent I lack the following numbers: Volume VII., No. 3, July 1, 1878; Volume XI.,No.16, January 15, 1873; VolumeXIII., Nos. 1 and 2, June 1 and 15, 1884; Vol- ume XVI., No. 20, March 15, 1888; also April 1, 1892, and October 1, 1895. To any one willing to part with them I will pay ten cents a paper, but please com- municate by letter or card before sending papers. Address ROMANIA B. PRATT Room 226 Constitution Bldg., S.L. City.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 9 First Date: 1904-01-01 Last Date: 1904-10-01
CLASS IN MIDWIFERY AND NURSING. Dr. Romania B. Pratt will commence her class in Midwifery and Nursing April 7, 1904. One student free. Write for particulars. This class recommended by the General Board of the Relief Society.