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View Ad A. B. Dunford Count: 20 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-12-01
DR. A. B. DUNFORD, DENTIST. SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID to Filling and Preserving the Natural teeth,. Teeth Carefully Extracted. False TEETH inserted from one tooth to a Full Set, in the Most Approved Manner. PRICES to Suit the Times and First Class Work Guaranteed. OFFICE: — MAIN ST., OPPOSITE SALT LAKE HOUSE. P. O. BOX’ 541.
View Ad Teasdel's Count: 24 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
AT TEASDEL’S SALT LAKE CITY. Special Departments for Gent’s Clothing and Carpets, Ladies’ and Children’s Shoes, Dry Goods, Shawls and Domestics, Groceries, Hard- ware and Stoves. DRIED FRUITS OF ALL CLASSES WANTED. S.P. TEASDEL.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 17 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-09-15
ROMANIA B. PRATT, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, OFFICE—Up stiars, in Old Constitution Building, Residence six blocks east of Post Office, south side of street. Special study has been given to Obstetrics, diseases of Women, and DISEASES of the EYE AND EAR.
View Ad Mitchell & James, David James Count: 24 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
DAVID JAMES, TINNER, GAS, WATER & STEAM FITTER. Agent for RUMSEY’S celebrated LIFT and FORCE PUMPS. Pumps Repaired On short notice. Orders from the country promptly responded to. Address, David James, Box 306. Salt Lake City.
View Ad John C. Cutler Count: 23 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
A LARGE STOCK. OFF HOME MADE TRUNKS for sale by JOHN C. CUT- LER, Agent of the PROVO WOOLEN MILLS, Old Constitution Building, also Home-Made Bankets, Brown Yarn, Cotton Batting, Flannels, White Yarns, Wool Batting, Shawls, Colored Yarns, Brooms, Linseys, Cassimeres; Washboards, Jeans, Tweeds, Brushes, &c.
View Ad H. H. Warner & Co. Count: 6 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-03-15
WARNER'S SAFE KIDNEY & LIVER CURE Is made from &@ Simple Tropical Leaf of Rare value, and is a POSITIVE Remedy for all the diseases that cause pains in the lower part of the body—for Torpid Liver—Head- ache—Jaundice—Dizziness, Gravel, Malaria, and all difficult- Ies of the Kidneys, Liver, and Urinary Organs. For Fe- male Diseases, it has no equal. It restores the organs that make the blood, and hence is the best Blood Purifier. It is the only known remedy that cures Bright’s Dis- ease. For Diabetes, use Warner’s Safe Diabetes Cure, For Sale by Druggists and Dealers at $1,25 per bottle. Largest bottle in the Market. Try it. H. H. WARNER & CO., Rochester, N.Y.
View Ad H. Dinwoodey Count: 23 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
View Ad Geo. Dunford Count: 23 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
THE LADIES Of Salt Lake City and vicinity will find the LARGEST and BEST SELECTED STOCK of BOOTS, SHOES & SLIPPERS, Also, full and desirable lines, best brands Children’s Fine Shoes, To be found in the West. Your Orders are Solicited. GEO. DUNFORD.
View Ad F. Auerbach & Bros Count: 9 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-05-01
View Ad C. E. Dye Count: 23 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
PALACE OF FASHION, No 11 EAST TEMPLE ST MRS. C. E. DYE, Desires the Ladies of Salt Lake and those visiting the City, to call at her Show Rooms and see her New Stock of MILLI- NERY. The latest and most stylish modes of Hats and Bon- nets, in Straw, Felt and Velvet. Also, a nice selection in Flowers, Feathers, Plushes, Velvet and Ribbons in the latest shades and stripes. Country Dealers, please Call Ladies’ Hair Work in all its branches. Good Work Guaranteed !
View Ad ZCMI Count: 23 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
View Ad Bible Almanac Count: 6 First Date: 1881-01-01 Last Date: 1881-04-01
15 Cents! 15 Cents !! BIBLE ALMANAC For the Year of our Lord, 1881 Published by J.H. HEMAN, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. Ask for it in the Book Stores. Sent by Mail Postpaid.
View Ad Ellis R. Shipp Count: 4 First Date: 1881-02-01 Last Date: 1881-03-15
DR. ELLIS R. SHIPP PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE in Bishop Hunter’s old residence, between Z. C. M. I. and the National Bank. RESIDENCE llth Ward, 7th East Street, between South and 1st South Streets, west wide of street. Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children as special- ties.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 5 First Date: 1881-02-01 Last Date: 1881-04-01
CLASS IN MIDWIFERY. DR. ROUMWNIA B. PRATT WILL BEGIN A NEW class in Midwifery, in her office, up stairs, Old Constitution tion Building, March 1st, 1881. Students should send their names in time for books to be procured. . TERMS, $30. BOOKS, $12.
View Ad Romania Pratt Count: 1 First Date: 1881-03-01 Last Date: 1881-03-01
CLASSES IN MIDWIFERY—Of the medical students taught by Dr. Romania B. Pratt during last summer in her classes in midwifery, Mrs. Elizabeth Nuttall, of Kanab, Mrs. Jeannette De La Mere, of Tooele City, and Mrs. Sinah P. Bishop, of Salt Lake City, were blessed and set apart by Pres. W. Woodruff and Counselor D. H. Wells, and all passed a satisfactory examina- tion before Dr. J. M. Benedict and Dr. S. B. Young, and received certificates, showing their qualifications and ability to act as midwives, Another Class, consisting of Mrs. M. A. Stod- dard, of Grantsville, Mrs. S. L. Goss, of Salt Lake City, Mrs. A, Woolman, of Spanish Fork, and Mrs. E. Papworth, of Hooperville, finished their course of study last Wednesday, and were blessed and set apart by President Jos. F, Smith assisted by President A. O. Smoot, and in the evening passed a very creditable examination before Dr. S. B. Young and Dr. Ellen B. Fergu- son, each receiving her certificate of competency to act in this special branch of medicine. Hav- ing been duly qualified, as above stated, these sisters are we believe fully worthy of the con- fidence of the people among whom they are to practice their vocation.
View Ad Wm. G. Heberhart Count: 3 First Date: 1881-03-01 Last Date: 1881-04-01
WM.G. HEBERHART, Druggist and Pharmacist, 44 EAST TEMPLE STREET, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, DEALER IN DRUGS, Medicines and Chemicals, Toilet Articles, Perfu- mery, and a complete line of goods usually kept in a first class Drug Establishment. All guaranteed to be pure and fresh and will be sold at the most reasonable prices. Special attention given to Physician’s Prescriptions and Family Recipes.
View Ad Ellen B. Ferguson Count: 9 First Date: 1881-03-15 Last Date: 1881-08-01
ELLEN B. FERGUSON, | Physician and Surgeon. OFFICE on Main St., Old Constitution Buildings. RESIDENCE on South Temple Street, between 9th and l0th East Streets. Special attention given to Obstetrics, Diseases of Children and Diseases of the THROAT, HEART and LUNGS.
View Ad Ellis R. Shipp Count: 12 First Date: 1881-04-01 Last Date: 1881-09-15
DR. ELLIS R. SHIPP. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE and RESIDENCE over Contributor Office, north Z. C. M. I. Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children as special- ities.
View Ad Victor Sewing Machines Count: 7 First Date: 1881-04-15 Last Date: 1881-08-01
HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW VICTOR SEWING MACHINE? If not you should do so at once, and examine the New Ideas in Sewing Machine Construction. The New Machine is elegant in appearance and admirable in operation, runs very easily without any noise and confusion, although the rate of speed is very high. Its self-setting and self- threading shuttle, and absence of springs and cogs, renders it both simple and durable. Be sure to see it, for its general advantages will make you its friend. VICTOR SEWING MACHINE CO., CHICAGO, ILL. YOUNG BROS. Agent, Salt Lake City.
View Ad F. Auerbach & Bros Count: 15 First Date: 1881-05-15 Last Date: 1881-12-15
FP. AUERBACH & BRO. REMOVED 1 THER iT STORE Nos. (24 & 126 CALL AND EXAMINE te Spring and Summer Goods. “i
View Ad Cutler's Commission Store Count: 11 First Date: 1881-06-15 Last Date: 1881-12-15
View Ad The Contributor Count: 1 First Date: 1881-09-15 Last Date: 1881-09-15
PROSPECTUS OF THE CONTRIBUTOR, Representing the Young Men and Women of Utah. VOLUME THREE. THE Third Volume of the Contributor will commence with October, 1881, number. Each number will contain Thirty-two Pages of choice reading matter. The volume will make a fine library book of nearly Four Hundred Pages. The success attending the first and second years of this magazine justifies the prediction that the new volume will not be excelled by any home publication. The following are a few lead- ing features that will characterize Volume Three: SERMONS AND WRITINGS OF THE PROPHET JOSEPH SMITH. These will appear in each number, being care- fully selected from the discourses and composi- tions delivered during the last four years of the Prophet’s Life. They are upon a variety of im- portant doctrinal subjects, and are full of light and truth, communicated in the most thrilling sentences, which distinguished the delivery of their inspired author. Every Latter-day Saint should be familiar with the sayings of the Prophet. In connection with the sermons will be pub- lished short Biographical Sketches of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Illustrated with TWO. MAGNIFICENT STEEL PLATE ENGRAVINGS. These engravings are said by the most compe- tent judges to be the finest and most accurate portraits of the Prophet and Patriarch ever pub- lished. They are full page pictures, printed in the most artistic manner, and are alone worth half the price of subscription charged for the magazine. The volume will contain Historical Sketches of the Buchanan Campaign of 1857, being an ac- count of the causes and notable incidents of the Echo Canyon War, taken from original docu- ments. There is no epoch of the history of Utah more romantic and interesting than the period treated upon in this series. Historical, Biographical, Scientific, Literary and Miscellaneous matter, from the pens of Utah’s young people and other writers, will add to the value of the new volume. The Department devoted to Association Intel- ligence will be much improved, containing, be- sides minutes of important meetings, Queries and Answers, Brief Correspondence, Model Pro- grammes, etc. All the members of Associations are requested to employ this department in asking any proper questions that they may desire. Officers of Associations are urgently solicited to take an active interest in the Magazine, writ- ing and procuring suitable matter for its col- umns, and doing all in their power to extend its circulation among the . Presidents of the Y. M. M. I. A. will please act as agents. Terms of subscription, invariably in advance: One year—including Engravings,... Two Dollars. Six Months,... One Dollar and a Half. Steel Engravings of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. India mounted on cards, 9 x 12 inches, for fram- ing, One Dollar and a Half per pair. Agents getting up clubs of Fifteen Annual Subscribers will receive an extra copy and a pair of Engravings for framing, free. Associations getting up clubs of Ten will re- ceive an extra copy free. Volumes One and Two, handsomely bound. For sale at the Office. Price $2.50. Address—JUNIUS F. WELLS, Editor and Publisher, Salt Lake City, Utah. P.O Box 805. Office, first door north of Z. C. M. I. Remittances should be made by P. O. Money Order or Registered Letter.
View Ad Ellis R. Shipp Count: 5 First Date: 1881-10-15 Last Date: 1881-12-15
NOTICE. HAVING PROCURED A MANNIKIN CHART SPE- cimens, etc, I am now prepared to'give instructions in the art of Obstetrics and other branches connected there- with. My class will open Nov. 1st, 1881. Those wishing to join this class will please communicate with me at once, it being necessary to send east for books. Terms: Tuition, 60 Lessons, $30; books, three in number, $12 Address, E. R SHIPP, M. D., Salt Lake City. OFFICE and RESIDENCE in Contributor building first door north of Z. C. M. I.
View Ad Bible Almanac Count: 2 First Date: 1881-12-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
JUST ISSUED By J. H. HEMAN, Salt Lake City, Utah. BIBLE ALMANAC FOR 1882. (Second Year.) 1S cts. per copy. A liberal discount will be allowed to Canvas- sers. A few copies of last year's Almanac for sale at the same price.
View Ad Agusta Joyce Crocheron Count: 2 First Date: 1881-12-01 Last Date: 1881-12-15
“WILD FLOWERS of DESERET." BY AGUSTA JOYCE CROCHERON. BOOK OF POEMS OF 240 PAGES. SUBJECTS: RE- ligious, Sentimental, Humerous, Domestic, Historical, Quaint and Pathetic. Leather, $1.50; Cloth, $1.25. Postage free. Address: Mrs. A.J. Crocheron, Box 419 Salt Lake City. Send Money by P. O. Order or Registered Letter.